Lot Number 364

Star Wars - Twenty nine Star Wars collectable figures to include Stormtrooper with gun 1977, Yoda, R5D4, Gamorrean Guard and tool 1983, Greedo and gun 1978, Leia Organa and gun in Combat Poncho plus gun 1984, Snaggletooth and gun 1978, Nikto plus gun 1983, Han Solo in Despin Outfit plus gun 1980, Princess Leia Organa plus gun 1977, Cloud Car Pilot with gun and tool 1981, Bib Fortuna and stick 1982, two Imperial Stormtroopers in Battle Gear with gun 1980, Zuckuss 1982, Logray and tools 1983, AT-AT Driver's and two guns 1980, Dengar and gun 1980, Chief Chirpa and tool 1983, Luke Skywalker with Lightsaber and gun in Bespin Outfit 1980, Ben (Obi - Wan) Kenobi plus lightsaber 1977, Tuscan Raider Sand People 1981, Darth Vader and lightsaber 1977, the Biker Scout with gun 1983, Jawa and gun 1977, Ug Naught and bag 1980, Death Star Droid in silver 1978 and C3PO with removable limbs and black cover 1982 and a Darth Vader. This lot MUST be paid for and collected, or delivery arranged, no later than close of business on Tuesday. Please do not bid if you are unable to comply