Lot Number 182

Meccano - A vintage Meccano set 7A presented in a red wooden box on castors with a lift off lid and a draw handle to one end. The box measures approximately 15cms (H) x 68cms (W) x 41cms (D). Inside the box, there is a lift out compartment and a large quantity of red and green parts, including plates, sprockets, gears and similar. The set also contains a several instruction manuals / leaflets for such sets as Meccano Outfit 7/8; Outfit 2; Gears Outfit B and similar. The lot also contains Accessory Outfit 6A with several instruction manuals / leaflets and a quantity of red and green parts such as wheels; axles and similar presented in a Very Goods box. Both sets have are in used condition but have been well cared and meticulously presented. (2)