Lot Number 411

HG -RC MRAP COUGAR U.S. Military Vehicle 6X6 HG P602 1/12 2.4G 6WD 16CH ARTR 2.4G (16 channel) automatic frequency full-scale synchronous remote control system The turret can be rotated in 360 degrees. Spring steel plate shock absorber + telescopic double shock absorption Front and rear independent link type straight bridge hanging system The front of the vehicle has a bonnet that can be opened. The axle adopts a tapered gear inner differential speed reduction transmission structure Variable stroke CVD ball type universal joint shaft The front of the car comes with a metal bumper bumper Six wheel drive, using planetary teeth driving structure Sound system. No battery or charger. This item was not originally supplied with a radio control unit which was intended to be bought separately. 36cm x 23cm x 62 cm

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