Lot Number 541

Bandai, CG Williams, Vivid Imaginations, Others - A mixed collection of TV related / Gerry Anderson orientated memorabilia, action figures, toys, games, advertising and ephemera. Lot includes a Bandai #0988726 Terahawks 'Zelda'; Bandai #988716 Wind-Up Battletank; CG Williams Thunderbirds Postcards; Terrahawks Official Blueprints; Merlin Captain Scarlet Sticker Album (blank); a View-Master, Thunderbirds International Rescue Game (x2) and similar. Action figures appear Mint on Good sealed blister packs with storage wear and imperfections. Games are unchecked for completeness. Lot contains a quantity of open / used everyday items featuring TV / Gerry Anderson themed advertising including a sealed plus opened Selection box and similar.