Lot Number 62

Kenner - 6 x loose 3.75'' figures, Stormtrooper with Blaster marked GMFGI 1977 China, FX-7 Medical Droid marked 1980 LFL Hong Kong, Teebo marked 1984 LFL Taiwan, Logray marked LFL 1983 Macau, Luke Skywalker in Hoth Battle Gear marked lFL 1980 Hong Kong, Sy Snootles who still has his skirt but has lost the feather off his head. They all show signs of play use with rubbing, Logray and Luke have loose left arms. They only come with the accessories described. They are in Fair to Good condition overall. (The originality of the weapons / accessories is untested and unverified by us, buyers need to use the detailed photos to satisfy themselves as to originality and completeness prior to bidding)