Lot Number 388

Star Wars - Nine unboxed action figures comprising Rancor Keeper ©LFL 1984 no COO, Klaatu ©LFL 83 H.K., Klaatu Skiff Guard Outfit © LFL 1983 no COO, Prune Face (Orrimaarko) ©LFL 1984, Ree-Yees ©LFL 83 H.K., Jawa ©GMFGI 1977 Hong Kong, Nien Nunb ©LFL 1983 Made In Hong Kong, Weequay ©LFL 83 H.K. and Ugnaught ©LFL 1980 Made In Hong Kong, all with weapons / accessories, figures appear good to very good. (The originality of the weapons / accessories is untested and unverified by us, buyers need to use the detailed photos to satisfy themselves as to originality and completeness prior to bidding)