Lot Number 105

LEGO, Star Wars, Best-Lock, Others - Three containers of loose Lego parts and accessories with some part built Lego vehicles and creations from various sets. Lot includes a Lego #10698 Classic Creative Brick Box which contains a part built Lego Halo Warthog plus a quantity of Lego instructions including #3863 Kokoriko; #3846 UFO Attack; #70629 The Ninjago Movie; #5508 Lego Delux Brick Box; weight approx. 3.3 kg (inc container); a Lego #5573 tub which contains part built Lego Star Wars Pirate Tank'; Lego Star Wars Lukes Landspeeder; Lego Space Alien Mothership and similar - weighs approx. 2 Kg (inc container); a container with a quantity of loose Duplo, Lego and other construction toy parts and accessories weighing approx. 3.5 Kg (inc container) All items have play related wear generally appearing Good overall and all items are unchecked for completeness. Lot also comes with a small quantity of toys, an Atmosphere Game and similar - all unchecked for completeness appearing Fair - Very Good. (4) (This does not constitute a guarantee)