Condition of Lots

This is a Trade Auction and buyers are not therefore covered by legislation that protects non-trade consumers. The Consumer Rights Act does NOT apply to this auction and all lots are sold without any form of warranty or guarantee and whilst the auctioneers make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the catalogue and the descriptions therein, each lot is sold by the vendor with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. No returns will be accepted and no credit will be allowed for previously undiscovered defects or discrepancies in description.

Condition Classification of Lots

Many lots in the catalogue include an indication of condition and this should be seen as a guide only and not a guarantee. Be aware that all auctions contain several thousand models and it is impossible to examine every single item. Condition of lots is classified as follows:

MINT indicates that the item is in perfect condition
EXCELLENT indicates careful use with merely minor imperfections
VERY GOOD indicates careful use with slightly more minor imperfections
GOOD indicates obvious imperfections with more use
PLAYWORNindicates major imperfections with heavy signs of wear
POOR indicates many faults or in a distressed condition requiring restoration
PLUS (+)after a descriptive classification indicates a better condition
BOXES are described in exactly the same way. As an example ‘mint in excellent box’ indicates that the item is perfect and is contained in a box with merely minor imperfections
AB stands for associated box and indicates that the box is not original
RB stands for reproduction box and is therefore a later copy

In cases where lot descriptions contain no condition, it should not be assumed that there are no faults. The onus is always upon the bidder to satisfy himself / herself regarding condition.